Longer GP surgery opening times - how is this service working for you?

Closed 31 Mar 2020

Opened 12 Feb 2020

Results updated 23 Apr 2021

We received 104 responses to this survey, from patients of a number of different GP surgeries across Buckinghamshire.

The results helped to ascertain how longer GP surgery opening hours were being used by patients. However, the impact of the COVID pandemic – with the first national lockdown beginning during the course of this survey - meant this piece of work was interrupted as GP surgeries adjusted some of their ways of working to accommodate the rapidly changing situation.

The feedback from this survey will be used to help inform future work around GP surgery opening hours.


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Our Improved Access service launched in Buckinghamshire in October 2018.

This service involves participating GP practices working together to offer longer opening times. It gives patients better access to appointments at evenings and weekends.

It means you can book an appointment outside of usual working hours. This service is available to all patients registered with a participating practice in Buckinghamshire.

We want to ensure the Improved Access service is meeting your needs as fully as possible. We want to know how it is working well and how it could be improved.

We are asking patients to please spend a few minutes taking part in the survey below to help us find out.

What happens next

This survey is now closed.

We wil review all the responses we receive and use the findings to plan how we design appointment services in the future.

An update about the findings from this survey and how we use them will be published later in 2020.



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