EEH Transport Strategy, Integrated Sustainability Appraisal and Statutory Status Consultation

Closes 6 Oct 2020

Draft Transport Strategy: Vision and principles


To realise sustainable growth opportunities and improve the quality of life and wellbeing for Heartland residents and businesses, by harnessing the Heartland’s globally renowned centres of innovation to unlock a world class, de-carbonised transport system.


  • Achieve net-zero carbon emissions from transport no later than 2050
  • Improve quality of life and wellbeing through an inclusive transport system accessible to all, which emphasises sustainable and active travel
  • Support the regional economy by connecting people and businesses to markets and opportunities
  • Ensure the Heartland works for the UK by enabling the efficient movement of people and goods through the region and to/from international gateways
1. To what extent do you support or oppose our vision?
2. To what extent do you support or oppose each of our principles?
3. Please provide any further comments you have about the vision and principles.