Land off Amersham Road Development Brief consultation

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Closes 18 Jul 2022

Key constraints and our response

The site has several key constraints that should be respected in the layout. These include: 

  • trees, hedgerows, orchards, woodland, 
  • the valley feature, 
  • surface water overland flow route, 
  • ecologically sensitive areas,
  • existing rear residential boundaries. 

The development can realise significant opportunities. These include:

  • provision of housing in a sustainable and energy efficient way 
  • linking and improving the existing Green Infrastructure and biodiversity, 
  • creating new open space facilities, 
  • creating new SuDS (Sustainable drainage systems) and services infrastructure, 
  • reinforcing the separation between Hazlemere and Holmer Green, 
  • creating new connections across the site, improving and creating new safe accesses and 
  • reinforcing the setting to the Chilterns AONB and Green Belt.

The full details of the key constraints, and how proposals should respond to them, are outlined in Section 3, pages 9 to 16, of the draft development brief (PDF 4.16MB).

Our analysis brings together all the survey and technical information held by the council or produced by the various applicants in recent submitted planning applications.

1. If you think there are any additional key constraints that we need to consider in the Development Brief, please tell us them here: