Healthy Child Programme survey for parents, carers, and young people - have your say

Closed 29 May 2022

Opened 28 Apr 2022

Feedback updated 25 Oct 2022

We asked

We asked about the experience of the Health Visiting, School Nursing, and the Family Nurse Partnership services in Buckinghamshire.

This was to help with the recommissioning of the Healthy Child Programme for 0 to 19 year olds.

We asked for views from 25 April to 19 May 2022

You said

We received 64 responses to the survey:

  • 4 from those aged 16 to 19
  • 58 from those aged 20 or over

64% of respondents had used the Healthy Child Programme in the last 2 years. 36% had not but had used the service previously.

Health Visiting

39% of respondents had used the health visiting service, of these:

  • 68% used the service for growth and development checks for their child
  • 40% for antenatal care
  • 28% for support with feeding
  • 28% for support with maternal mental health
  • 60% said that they did not need to wait for an appointment
  • 70% of respondents said that their child’s needs had been completely met

School Nursing

16% of respondents had used the school nursing service, of these:

  • The most common reasons for using the service were for height and weight checks (50%) and support with toileting (40%)
  • 40% were always or often able to access the service
  • 10% described their experience as excellent, 10% as good and 50% as fair
  • 40% described their experience of talking to staff as excellent
  • 10% were satisfied with the service, 20% as very satisfied, 40% as moderately satisfied and 10% dissatisfied.
  • 44% said that their child’s needs had been completely met and 33% said partially met

Family Nurse Partnership

9% of respondents had used the Family Nurse Partnership service. All of which said that they:

  • were always able to communicate with the service
  • could always get to the service when they needed an appointment
  • never experienced delays in waiting times

We did

We used the responses in the health needs assessment for the service.

Feedback from families / carers on their experience will help to shape the future of the service and the needs of the community.

It also helped to understand how children and young people’s needs can be better met by the service.

A summary of the outcomes will be included in the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) Chapter on Child Health.


Buckinghamshire Council logoNHS Solutions for Public Health logo

We want to hear about your experience of Health Visiting, School Nursing and the Family Nurse Partnership services in Buckinghamshire that support the health and wellbeing of children, young people and their families.

Buckinghamshire Council’s Healthy Child Programme (HCP) is a public health nursing service for 0 to 19 year olds delivered by Health Visitors, School Nurses and Family Nurses.

The aim of the service is to ensure every child is getting a good start in life and throughout childhood, building resilience and getting maximum benefit from education – which are important markers for good health and wellbeing throughout life.

Our Healthy Child Programme (HCP) is due to be recommissioned shortly and we are conducting a children and young people’s health needs assessment (HNA) to inform and support this.

The HNA will identify how the current 0 to 19 service is working and linking with other health and social care services, including voluntary and community sector services.

We would like to hear from children, young people and their families, carers and the public who use children’s public health nursing services in Buckinghamshire.

We are asking people to share their experiences of using health visiting, school nursing and the family nurse partnership in Buckinghamshire.

What support and advice is important to you? How can we make it easier for you to use these services? Have your say!

The survey should take you around 15 minutes to complete. 

We will not ask for your name or any personal details and, although we are very interested to hear your views, please don’t feel that you must answer every question.

How to have your say

You can tell us your views by completing the online survey using the link at the end of the page.

If you have any questions about this activity, please email Solutions for Public Health at

If you need to contact the service, please get in touch with them directly as we are independent of the services themselves.

Please tell us your views by midnight on Sunday 29 May 2022.

What happens next

The information we receive from this survey will be included within the Children’s and young people’s Health Needs Assessment which is currently being completed by Public Health with the support of the consultant body Solutions for Public Health.

Your feedback will sit alongside data from stakeholders and also epidemiological data and will be used initially to support the decisions in the recommissioning of the Healthy Child Programme and other services.


NHS Solutions for Public Health are carrying out this survey on behalf of Buckinghamshire Council. Under the Data Protection Act 2018, we have a legal duty to protect any personal information we collect from you.

Please do not share personal information in your comments, for example the names of service users or children. We may quote some anonymous extracts from survey responses in our report.


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