EEH Transport Strategy, Integrated Sustainability Appraisal and Statutory Status Consultation

Closed 6 Oct 2020

Opened 14 Jul 2020

Results updated 15 Apr 2021

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation.

We received 210 responses in total to the consultation, which comprised a mix of online survey responses and additional written responses.

We collated and analysed all the responses and produced a Consultation Report.

Please visit England's Economic Heartland website to more information about the Transport Strategy and our other work.


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England’s Economic Heartland is a partnership of local transport authorities and local enterprise partnerships, spanning from Swindon and Oxfordshire in the west to Cambridgeshire in the east, and Northamptonshire down to Hertfordshire. It is the region’s Sub-national Transport Body and has produced a Draft Transport Strategy to enable the region's transport system to support sustainable economic recovery and growth, while reaching net zero carbon emissions no later than 2050.

This consultation covers the Draft Transport Strategy, Integrated Sustainability Appraisal and Proposal to Establish a Statutory Sub-national Transport Body. We have also produced a Draft Transport Strategy Summary and a set of video guides.

We recommend that you look at the information on our website before you respond to our survey below.

We shaped the Draft Transport Strategy using several methods, including

  • contributions from the elected members who sit on our Strategic Transport Forum. Minutes and papers from these public meetings are available on our website.
  • analysis of feedback from public and stakeholder events held during 2019. These events focused on our Outline Transport Strategy and we identified 12 key messages from the feedback.
  • technical studies we’ve published alongside the Draft Transport Strategy.

We have split the survey into four sections.

  • Your views on the Draft Transport Strategy (Q1-Q11)
  • Your views on the independent Integrated Sustainability Appraisal (Q12-Q13)
  • Your views on the Proposal to Establish a Statutory Sub-national Transport Body (Q14-Q15)
  • Information about you (Q16-Q24)

Most questions in the survey are optional so you can choose which elements of the consultation you are interested in.

What happens next

The consultation has now closed, thank you to all of you who have participated.

We will review all the responses we receive and make final amendments to the documents. The final versions will be put forward for approval by our Strategic Transport Forum later in 2020.

For updates on the progress of our proposals, please visit England's Economic Heartland website. You can also subscribe to receive Heartland News by visiting the website and scrolling to the bottom of any page.



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