Crest Road and John Hall Way (A4010) junction High Wycombe consultation

Closed 14 Aug 2020

Opened 24 Jul 2020


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In this consultation, we invite you to comment on proposed changes to the junction of Crest Road and John Hall Way (A4010) in High Wycombe. These plans are part of the future development of the Cressex Island site (the former park-and-ride car park).

We plan to replace the current roundabout with a traffic-light controlled junction to improve the junction’s capacity, create a better traffic flow and reduce congestion.

The junction will also include new toucan crossings for cyclists and pedestrians, widening of the road, new traffic lanes, resurfacing and landscaping.

We also plan to create a new 600 metre cycleway and footway from Handy Cross roundabout to Holmers Farm Way roundabout. This will link two existing cycle routes, and making it possible to cycle off-road from Handy Cross roundabout to Holmers Farm Way and Cressex.

The proposed work includes:

  • new signalised junction and removal of existing roundabout at Crest Road and John Hall Way
  • new cyclists and pedestrian shared use cycleway on the south side of John Hall Way
  • new toucan crossings at the Crest Road Junction
  • new advanced stop lines for cyclists on John Hall Way
  • additional right turn lane from Crest Road into John Hall Way
  • additional westbound through lane on John Hall Way
  • necessary removal of trees along Holiday Inn boundary to improve sight lines of the junction
  • new landscaping
  • new wayfinding and signage
  • new road surfacing:

For more information about the project, please visit our online virtual exhibition room.

This exhibition features a 3D computer-generated image of the junction, further details about the proposals and a live chat option if you have any questions for us.

The exhibition includes a feedback form link, which will bring you back to this page so you can complete the feedback form below.

Please be assured that the information you provide here will be used only for the purposes of this consultation. It will be kept confidential and will be stored securely in line with data protection laws.

What happens next

We will consider the feedback we receive and review our proposals. We will then write a report, including recommendations, about the scheme.

The Cabinet Member for Transport will consider the report and take a final decision about the scheme during September 2020.

If the scheme is approved, we will complete detailed design work shortly afterwards. We expect construction would begin later this year and complete by spring/summer 2021.


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