The Local Plan for Buckinghamshire: Help us identify sites for possible development

Closed 11 Sep 2022

Opened 13 Jun 2022


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We want your help to identify land available for development within Buckinghamshire.

The Council is beginning work on the new Local Plan for Buckinghamshire (LP4B). The LP4B will allocate sites for development in the period up to 2040 to meet the housing and economic development needs of Buckinghamshire.

Buckinghamshire Council is still committed to ‘Brown before Green’. We have carried out an initial assessment of the brownfield sites submitted to us.

Based on this initial assessment and what we currently understand our needs to be, it is important to also understand what further sites are available. This is to ensure we have enough capacity to meet our future needs. 

To help us do this, we are now undertaking a ‘Wider Call for Sites’ (including greenfield sites) to gather a fuller understanding of the land available for development within Buckinghamshire.

Guidelines for submitting a site for consideration

Sites can be submitted by anyone or any organisation. But typically they're promoted by land owners, developers, agents, local businesses, individuals and groups.

As part of the submission process you should make sure you:

  • complete a separate form for each site
  • only complete forms for sites that can accommodate 5 or more new dwellings or economic development on sites of 0.25 hectares (or 500 square meters of floor space) and above. There is no threshold for land that has potential for Gypsy and Traveller accommodation or Travelling Showpeople plots
  • include as much information as possible including your connection to the site
  • provide a location map that clearly identifies the site boundary and adjacent land also under your control or ownership

Do not submit details of:

  • sites outside of the Buckinghamshire boundary
  • sites already submitted to the previous 'call for brownfield sites' consultations. If you have updated information on the sites previously submitted, contact us by email at

How to submit a site for consideration

You can submit a site for consideration in one of the following ways:

Completed printed forms can be returned by email to or by post to Call for Sites,
Planning Policy, Buckinghamshire Council, Queen Victoria Road, High Wycombe, HP11 1BB.

If you have any questions about this activity, please email us at

Please tell us your views by midnight on Sunday 11 September 2022. Sites submitted after this may still be considered. 

What happens next

All sites will be technically assessed in the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessments (HELAA), including sites submitted through the 'wider call for sites' consultation and the previous 2 'call for sites' consultations.

The assessment determines how well a site can accommodate development.

We will assess sites for their:

  • suitability
  • availability
  • achievability (including viability) to accommodate development

To show you how the process works we've published a draft of the HELAA methodology on the HELAA webpage


We will use the information you provide here only for this activity. We will store the information securely in line with data protection laws and will not share or publish any personal details. For more information about data and privacy, please see our Privacy Policy and our Privacy and Planning Policy Compliance statement.

If you have questions about data and privacy, please email us on Or write to our Data Protection Officer at Buckinghamshire Council, The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, HP19 8FF.



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