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Closed 4 Jun 2023

Opened 19 Apr 2023


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We want to hear your views on our draft visions and objectives to guide future development and transport in Buckinghamshire.

If you are a young person, or know a young person who would like to tell us their views on the plans, see our young people’s survey at Youth Voice Bucks.

You can view the visions and objectives by taking part in the survey (link at the end of the page).

We are creating two long-term plans for the future:

  • The Local Plan for Buckinghamshire - to shape and manage future development across Buckinghamshire
  • Local Transport Plan 5 (LTP 5) - to set out the priorities for all types of transport across Buckinghamshire

Planning and transport are closely linked. When new homes, shops and places to work are built, they need to be accessible and connected to the road and public transport network. They also need to be easy to walk and cycle to and around.

We want to make sure new transport schemes are planned well from the start of any development.

We have drafted a vision and objectives for each plan. They set out what we think Buckinghamshire should be like in 2040 and how this can be achieved.

The draft vision and objectives have been developed from what you have already told us. From November 2021 to February 2022, we asked for views on what is important to your area and what future priorities should be.

The Local Transport Plan 5 vision and objectives also consider our role as the local highway authority and maintaining safe and usable roads. We have a duty to manage our road network so that traffic moves efficiently.

We now want to hear your views on the draft visions and objectives. Tell us what you think of them and if there’s anything else that should be included.

We want the plans to reflect the needs and ambitions of our communities.

The Local Plan for Buckinghamshire

Our new local plan will show where development can happen and protect places where it needs to be carefully controlled.

It will set out what new development must do, such as:

  • building the right number and size of homes
  • allocating land for new jobs
  • creating good places to live – including shops and public open spaces
  • contributing to the infrastructure people need – such as roads, schools and health facilities
  • protecting the environment by supporting wildlife, beautiful landscapes, historic places and managing flood risk

Find out more about The Local Plan for Buckinghamshire.

More Information

A local plan is a major factor when deciding if a planning application is granted or refused.

It sets out how we plan to manage future growth across Buckinghamshire.

A local plan brings benefits for people who live, work, or visit the area, through:

  • making sure there are enough of the right homes and workplaces
  • getting the infrastructure in the right place at the right time – such as new parks and schools
  • helping to address climate change, protecting and preserving our most valued landscapes and habitats

More Information

Our draft vision shows what we want the local plan to achieve by 2040.

It covers climate change, the natural environment, housing, infrastructure, jobs and how Buckinghamshire connects to other places.

To achieve the vision, we have created 8 draft objectives:

  • natural and built environment
  • mitigating / adapting to climate change
  • provision of homes
  • quality of place
  • community health and wellbeing
  • infrastructure
  • economy and jobs
  • transport, physical and digital connectivity

The objectives are equally important and cover all major aspects of the local plan. Each objective has an aim and a set of actions.

Local Transport Plan 5 (LTP 5)

Local transport plans are a requirement of the Transport Act (2000). They set out a local authority’s ambitions, policies and plans for future investment in local transport.

This will be the fifth local transport plan for Buckinghamshire. The current plan (LTP4) was published in 2016 by the former Buckinghamshire County Council.

LTP5 will set out the long-term priorities for all types of transport in Buckinghamshire up to 2040.

More Information

Local Transport Plan 5 will set out how we will meet our commitments to tackle transport related carbon emissions as part of our Climate Change and Air Quality Strategy.

For people living and working in Buckinghamshire it means:

  • ensuring new homes are built in well-connected locations and can be accessed by sustainable travel options – such as public transport
  • supporting people to make the switch towards using electric vehicles
  • offering attractive sustainable options for travel – such as safe cycling routes and a reliable bus system
  • taking action to reduce delays to journeys and addressing the impacts of traffic congestion where people live and work

More Information

Our draft vision shows what we want the Local Transport Plan to achieve by 2040.

It covers net zero progress, sustainable and active travel, minimising the impacts of car travel, and connections within and outside Buckinghamshire.

To achieve the vision for 2040, we have created 3 draft objectives:

  • connecting our economy
  • decarbonising our transport system
  • building places for people

The objectives are equally important and cover all types of transport in Buckinghamshire. Each objective has a suggested set of actions.

How to have your say

You can view the visions and objectives by taking part in the survey.

You can tell us your views in one of the following ways:

If you have any questions about this consultation, please email us at planningpolicyteam.bc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk or phone us on 0300 131 6000.

Please contact us if you would like this consultation in another format or language.

Please tell us your views by midnight on Sunday 4 June 2023.

Get involved with new planning policies

If you want to keep up to date with the Local Plan for Buckinghamshire, please register online.

What happens next

Your feedback will be used to review and update the vision and objectives for the Local Plan for Buckinghamshire and Local Transport Plan 5.

We will publish a statement of consultation outlining all the responses.

More Information

The final local plan vision and objectives will be published in Winter 2023.

At the same time, you can get involved by telling us your views on strategic growth scenarios. This is the next stage of creating the local plan.

More information about the stages to create the Local Plan for Buckinghamshire (PDF 0.35MB).

More Information

We will use your feedback to develop Local Transport Plan 5 policies and an implementation plan setting out how we will deliver them.

These will also be informed by the current transport challenges in Buckinghamshire and local and national government priorities.

We will consult on the draft polices and action plan in Winter 2023 with the aim to adopt them in Summer 2024.


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