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Closes 30 Apr 2024

Opened 15 Jul 2021


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Thank you for contacting us about a parking issue in Buckinghamshire

Please complete this form if you believe we should consider a new parking control where on-street parking is causing significant problems. The problems might include risks to health and safety, blocking or restricting access and causing traffic congestion.

Please do not complete this form if there is a problem where parking controls already exist. If this is the case, please complete a 'Contact us' form or telephone 0300 131 6000.

Types of parking control

Some examples of the types of parking control you can request using this form are:

  • Yellow lines
  • Permit parking
  • Parking bays
  • School ‘keep clear’ markings
  • Loading restrictions

We have separate processes for requesting:

How we review parking control requests

We accept parking control requests throughout the year. Our Parking Team is responsible for assessing requests.

1)  Initial checks to ensure:

  • an existing scheme is not already in progress
  • there are no legal or Highway Code reasons preventing us from progressing the request
  • there is likely to be enough local support

2)  Technical assessment to evaluate potential impacts on:

  • road safety
  • accessibility
  • traffic congestion
  • the possibility of displacing a problem elsewhere
  • the level of local support for the request

3)  Confirm in writing the assessment outcome, which will be one of these:

  • declined on legal grounds
  • declined because a scheme is already being developed for that location
  • shared with the local Community Board

How to submit a request

Please complete the online request form below. If you want to make a request for more than one location, please complete a separate form for each one.

If your request is eligible for consideration, you will need to provide evidence of local support for parking controls. We have included a Local support form that you may wish to download and use to provide this evidence.

If you have any questions or would like a printed version of the request form, please contact us on the email address or phone number above.

You will need to know which Community Board area the effected location is in. If you are unsure which local community board is yours, you can search for it using our postcode checker.


We will use the information you provide here only for the purpose of this request. We will store the information securely in line with data protection laws and will not share or publish any personal details. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

If you have questions about data or privacy, please email us on or write to our Data Protection Officer at Buckinghamshire Council, The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, HP19 8FF.


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