The Buckinghamshire Council (Traffic Movement) Order 2021 (Amendment No 001) Order 2022

Closed 10 May 2022

Opened 12 Apr 2022


Notice is hereby given that Buckinghamshire Council on 23rd March 2022 made the above-named Order under the Road ss1, 2 and 4 of the Traffic Regulation Act 1984. The effect of the Order is to create a point which will prohibit the access of motor vehicles along part of Trinity Road, Marlow. Another effect of the Order is to create a point which will prohibit the access of motor vehicles at a point that links Old Stoke Road and Clover Lane, Southcourt, Aylesbury    

A copy of the Order and Plans showing the lengths of road affected, together with a copy of the Council’s Statement of Reasons for making the Order may be inspected during normal office hours at Walton Street Offices, Aylesbury.

If any person wishes to question the validity of the Order or any of its provisions on the grounds that it or that are not within the powers conferred by the Act or that any requirement of the Act or of any instrument made under the Act has not been complied with, that person may within six weeks from the date of this Notice apply for that purpose to the High Court.

Further details are also available on the Buckinghamshire Council website under ‘Your Council’ click ‘Public consultations and surveys’ and find ‘Trinity Road, Marlow - Motor Vehicle Restriction – Statutory Consultation’ and 'Southcourt, Aylesbury Prohibition of Motor Vehicle Use - Statutory Consultation' under closed activities.

Objections and other representations to the proposals set out above must be made in writing stating the grounds on which they are made and sent to the address below or apply to the High Court within 6 weeks from the date of publication of this Notice for this purpose.



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