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Closed 31 Mar 2021

Opened 26 Jan 2021


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We invite you to comment on the Draft Town and Parish Charter we have developed in collaboration with Buckinghamshire's town and parish councils.


This Charter has one simple aim - to provide a framework for us to work together to serve the people of Buckinghamshire.  We have a common purpose to promote the wellbeing of Buckinghamshire, and we serve the same residents.  This is the foundation of our charter.

The Charter sets out the relationship between Buckinghamshire Council and the county's town and parish councils. It includes how we will harness opportunities to strengthen partnership working and improve services for our residents. It sets out the joint principles and respective roles, responsibilities and expectations. The Charter will be a 'live' document that will be refreshed regularly in consultation with town and parish councils.


The content of this Charter has been informed by

  • national best practice elsewhere, particularly in other unitary councils
  • feedback from workshops with town and parish councils as part of planning for the new unitary council
  • Working with Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Association of Local Councils (BMKALC) and a group of town and parish council clerks, who shared their expertise and vision for collaborative working

Please find the Draft Town and Parish Charter attached at the end of this page (in both Word and PDF formats). A copy is also available to view within the feedback form.

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