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  • Stoke Mandeville Parking Restrictions

    Buckinghamshire Highways are proposing to implement a number of parking restrictions on several roads in Stoke Mandeville. The Parish Council has raised concerns relating to inconsiderate parking on various roads, which has led to vehicles frequently impeding safe access to premises and affecting visibility at road junctions. Due to close proximity of the local Rail Station, Dorchester Close, Walnut Close, Carters Ride, Hampden Road and Orchard Close are being frequently used by... More
    Closes 15 May 2024
  • A40, High Street - West Wycombe - Double Yellow Lining

    We are proposing to introduce a parking/waiting restriction along A40 High Street, West Wycombe. The parking/waiting restrictions are to be enforced through the means of double yellow line. Double yellow lines are to span outside Swann Inn and The Apple Orchard Café. This is to provide more space for vehicles to cross at a pinch point location, where currently there is risk of vehicle incursions onto the footway and risk to pedestrians. We invite you to let us have your... More
    Closes 27 May 2024
  • Parking control request form

    Thank you for contacting us about a parking issue in Buckinghamshire Please complete this form if you believe we should consider a new parking control where on-street parking is causing significant problems. The problems might include risks to health and safety, blocking or restricting access and causing traffic congestion. Please do not complete this form if there is a problem where parking controls already exist. If this is the case,... More
    Closes 15 July 2024
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