South East Aylesbury Link Road (SEALR) Phase 2

Closed 26 Feb 2021

Opened 1 Feb 2021


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The proposal

Following on from South East Aylesbury Link Road (SEALR) Phase 1, we are putting forward a proposal for SEALR Phase 2. This second phase involves the creation of approximately 450 metres of dual carriageway and a new roundabout. It will connect the future Lower Road roundabout (part of SEALR Phase 1) westwards where the new roundabout will then connect to future road links such as the Stoke Mandeville Relief Road and the South West Aylesbury Link Road (SWALR).

SEALR Phase 2 diagram

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Diagram notes

  1. Native hedgerows
  2. Linear belt of trees and shrubs
  3. Individual trees across the area
  4. Re-aligned public right of way
  5. Proposed 3-metre wide footway/cycleway
  6. Landscaped embankment for noise mitigation and screening
  7. 2-metre wide maintenance track
  8. Uncontrolled pedestrian crossing
  9. Drainage features


HS2 originally planned to deliver SEALR Phase 2 as part of the Stoke Mandeville Relief Road. The HS2 line will sever the A4010 resulting in its realignment as the Stoke Mandeville Relief Road. This road was planned as a single carriageway without a junction for the South West Aylesbury Link Road.

To ensure that the full Aylesbury Orbital can be achieved, Buckinghamshire Council has agreed to deliver this 450-metre section as a dual carriageway with a new roundabout. This is a relatively short length of additional dual carriageway. Dualling this stretch of road will avoid creating a pinch-point in the road network. We are stepping in because without this length being amended, further changes would be needed in future years, causing significant disruption during construction.

SEALR Phase 2 will be partly funded by HS2 and the remainder will come through contributions from nearby developments. Both phases of the project will be delivered as one programme of work.

SEALR Phase 2 video

Further information

Further information is available on the links listed at the bottom of this webpage. The SEALR Phase 2 leaflet contains a summary of the proposal.

Take part

Please submit your feedback in one of the following ways:

  • complete the online feedback form below
  • email us on
  • write to us at SEALR Phase 2, Highways Infrastructure Projects Team, Buckinghamshire Council, Floor 7, Walton Street Offices, Walton Street, Aylesbury, HP20 1UY

If you need the feedback form in another format, please email us on or phone us on 01296 382416.

Live online event

We will host a live, online question and answer session on Monday 15 February from 6pm until 7.30pm. If you would like to take part, please email us on and we will send you an email invitation. To help us answer questions effectively and make best use of the time, please email your questions in advance wherever possible.

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What happens next?

Once the public feedback period is closed, we will review the comments and decide if we need to make any changes to the initial design and planning application. We expect to submit the planning application during the spring of 2021.

Dependent on planning application approval, we expect detailed design work to be complete by autumn 2021. Following that, construction should begin during the winter of 2021 and complete by spring 2023.


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