Buckinghamshire Housing Strategy 2024 to 2029 consultation

Closes 18 Dec 2023

Responding to the needs of our diverse population

We will:

  • understand and respond to the housing issues and needs
  • enable the fair, consistent, and effective allocation of tenancies for affordable housing via Bucks Home Choice Register
  • adopt an effective and proactive approach to address Temporary Accommodation (TA) and Homelessness increases in number of placements and costs
  • identify, specify, and deliver housing options for groups with particular needs, including:
    • care leavers
    • key workers
    • persons leaving the Armed Forces
    • older people
    • persons with a physical and/or learning disability or mental health needs

What we are already doing to respond to the needs of our diverse population:

  • managing the social housing allocations process through Bucks Home Choice
  • providing a homelessness and housing advice service under Part VII of the Housing Act
  • providing temporary accommodation to homeless households
  • producing an updated Allocations Policy for Buckinghamshire – this will ensure robust processes are in place for delivery of the Bucks Home Choice scheme and allocations process, including clear workflows and regular monitoring and cross checking of applications to ensure consistency of approach and fairness
  • meeting with Registered Providers on a regular basis and as part of the Buckinghamshire Housing Management Forum
  • working with registered partners and private developers to deliver suitable adapted/adaptable dwellings through planning obligations and other opportunities

Other actions we will take to respond to the needs of our diverse population:

  • produce a new Tenancy Strategy including guidelines for Registered Providers on Affordable Rent levels
  • develop a Supported Housing Strategy which will include prospective housing delivery for older persons, persons with physical disabilities, and other types of supported housing
  • achieve the targets for developing affordable housing options as set out in the Buckinghamshire Adult Social Care Accommodation Market Analysis November 2022
  • work with Registered Providers and other housing developers to understand role played by sheltered housing and other accommodation for older people in the area and whether some housing schemes should be remodelled to better meet current needs
    • Consider innovative new options for specialist housing (for example: extra-care villages with a dementia inclusive design)
  • with our partners, produce a housing options guide for younger people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND); ensure appropriate advice and signposting is available to make good choices
  • explore ways of increasing the number of one bed properties available in the private and social rented sectors which would be suitable for young people, including care leavers under the agreed Pathways Protocol
Do you agree or disagree that ‘responding to the needs of our diverse population’ should be a priority for the Buckinghamshire Housing Strategy 2024 to 2029?
Do you think these are the right actions to achieve this priority?
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