Buckinghamshire Design Awards 2022: Nominate your favourite new building or open space

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Closes 18 Sep 2022

Nominate your favourite new building or open space

You can nominate your own project or someone else’s.

At the time of nomination, the project must:

  • be located in Buckinghamshire
  • have been built / converted / restored in the last three years, and
  • not be a previous winner of a Buckinghamshire Design Award
1. What is this place called?
2. Where is this place?
3. What type of place is it? (Select all that apply)

Examples for each award category

  • Public spaces
    • Attractive town centres
    • Beautiful public parks and communal gardens
    • Great spaces for play and leisure
  • Historic Places
    • New life for old buildings;
    • Restored historic parks and gardens
    • Creative heritage tourism
  • Unique buildings
    • Funky architecture
    • Excellent design for disabilities
    • Clever conversions and retrofitting
  • New communities
    • Welcoming social and cultural spaces
    • Great places to live
    • Wonderful workplaces
  • Travel and transport
    • Great cycling and walking facilities
    • Beautiful streets
    • Attractive bus / rail stations and routes
  • Climate change and nature
    • Making space for nature / wild places
    • Low energy / water use
    • Using reclaimed / recycled materials

If the type of project you are nominating or submitting is not listed here, choose one or more categories that seem the best fit.

4. Please tell us about this place and why you like it so much:
5. Do you know who the place belongs to and / or who built it?