Horseshoe Crescent Area of Beaconsfield Parking Review - Statutory consultation

Closed 12 Mar 2023

Opened 13 Feb 2023


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We are seeking the publics views on whether they would support or object to the principle of introducing additional parking restrictions into the area as detailed on the attached map, to deal with inappropriate parking, improve road safety, accessibility and parking efficiency.

The additional restrictions include:

  • Disabled Badge Holders Only
  • Double yellow lines (No waiting at any time)
  • Permit Parking Zone

If the majority of households in the area of the new restrictions support the "Permit Parking", it would be in the form of a zoned restriction. A zoned restriction would have entry point signs at the junction of Horseshoe Crescent and Aylesbury End with repeater signs along Horseshoe Crescent and White Hart Meadow.

Below are examples (not to scale) of entry point signs which would be 646 wide x 740 mm high, the repeater signs are smaller (size depends on the wording).

Examples of entry point and repeater signs

There are advantages and disadvantages which you should consider when making your decision on whether you would support a Permit Parking scheme.

These are as follows:


  • Residents having no off-street parking facility would have a reasonable opportunity to park close to their homes. Resident parking schemes do not offer any guarantees of a parking space and certainly not a parking space in front of the resident’s own home.
  • The amenity of the area would be improved with vehicles being parked in a more orderly fashion.
  • A scheme may have benefits from a social, community safety, housing or planning policy aspect.
  • A scheme can encourage the use of alternative modes of transport.
  • They may reduce traffic flows on residential streets.
  • The reduction in the number of vehicles driving around an area searching for a parking place can improve local air quality.
  • A scheme can improve road safety by reducing the number of vehicles using an area and also the number parked in unsuitable locations.


  • Schemes do not agree with the primary role of the highway which is to ensure passage and re-passage.
  • A resident parking scheme in one area might create or worsen parking problems in adjacent areas.
  • Parking capacity for residents could at times be inadequate.
  • A scheme may limit the residents’ freedom to keep unlimited numbers of taxed vehicles on street (current limit is 3 vehicles per property).
  • Permits to park in the area are charged to the residents within the zone area (current prices are 1st resident permit £55, 2nd resident £70 and 3rd resident permit is £90 per year. Visitor permits are limited to 200 per property in a 12 month period at a cost of £12 per batch of 10 vouchers).
  • All on-street parking within the road during restricted times will require a valid permit to be linked to the vehicle.

No decision has been made at this point.

We invite the public to submit there views on the proposals.

How to have your say

You can tell us your views in one of the following ways:

If you have any questions about this activity, please email us at or phone us on 01296 383700.

Please tell us your views by midnight on Sunday 12 March 2023.

What happens next

We will consider all responses and prepare a recommendation report based on the feedback to the decision makers.

If you provide your email address or other contact details with your comments, we will contact you about the decision once it has been made. The results of the consultation and decision will also be published on this webpage.


We will use the information you provide only for the purpose of this consultation. We will store the information securely, in line with data protection laws. The law states that we must make responses available for public inspection, but we will not share or publish any personal details. Please visit the Privacy page to read our full privacy notice.


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