Off-street Parking Places Order 2020 Amendments consultation

Closed 20 Sep 2020

Opened 28 Aug 2020

Results updated 27 Oct 2020

We received 61 responses to the consultation, which we reviewed carefully. After consideration, we made the decision to proceed with putting the order in place as proposed. Please see the attached ‘Draft Notice of Making’ and ‘Statement of Reasons’



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This consultation is about our proposal to amend the existing order to add Handy Cross park-and-ride car park in High Wycombe.

The aim is to ensure availability of parking for all users, whilst continuing to support sustainable transport. 

Please see the attached documents for more details.

What happens next

We will consider the comments we receive before a final decision is made whether to amend the existing order

We will update this page with the relevant details later in the year.


  • High Wycombe


  • Transport
  • Roads & parking