A413 Amersham Road Movement Bans – Statutory Consultation

Closed 26 Oct 2021

Opened 4 Oct 2021


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Following a review of injury collisions across the county, the A413 right turn facility near South Park (leading to Gerrard’s Cross Golf Club) has been identified as a priority for safety improvements.

The site has undergone design assessments and the proposed improvements are to ban right turn manoeuvres out of the slip road towards the Golf Club area and prohibit ‘right and U’ turns in the central reservation for all vehicular traffic at this right turn cross-over facility. In order to monitor the full effects of the proposed measures, it is proposed to implement the changes as a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). This way enables us to make a permanent change whereby motorists are barred from making these dangerous manoeuvres on the A413 dual carriageway. This will be enforced with a Traffic Regulation Order and implemented by closing the central reserve (with revised kerbing layout) intended to reduce collisions and near misses at this location.

A copy of the proposed plan can be found below.

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A copy of the above plan, draft order and statement of reasons are attached below. You can view the documents in person during office hours, at The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury HP19 8FF. Social distancing and other health and safety measures are in place at all our Council sites to meet Coronavirus guidelines.

Please let us have your views by completing the online feedback form below. Or you can email us on tfbschemesdelivery@buckinghamshire.gov.uk, or write to us at Network Improvement Team, Aylesbury Vale Area Office, Corrib Industrial Park, Griffin Lane, Aylesbury, HP19 8BP.


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What happens next

We will review all responses to this consultation and prepare a report. The Head of Highways and the Cabinet Member for Transportation will consider the report before making a decision on the proposal.

We will contact consultees to inform them about the decision and we will publish the details on this webpage.


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